Sunday, June 10, 2012

Day 1: Welcoming Odin

Day 1: Welcome Home Odin!

  • Puppies pee a whole lot
  • He enjoys nipping
  • He mounts at 3 months! - gee don't they grow up fast!
  • Great learning potential

     Ok, so I knew getting a puppy meant it was going to be a lot of work. But it doesn't hit you until you actually get one and start going through the motions. See, right below is a picture of my sweet new baby, Odin.

He is 3months old, neutered, and almost done with vaccinations.
      Bennett and I adopted him at a Petco through a local pittie rescue organization Good Newz. The little guy is from a litter of 11, and recently survived parvo (what a survivor!). Surprisingly enough he seems to enjoy car rides, despite being reluctant to get out of the car once we arrived home. But after quite a bit of coaxing he made it into the house where he met Stella. Needless to say they hit it off swimmingly. We immediately made our way to the backyard after introductions, as to avoid any indoor accidents, where the two pups started to play!
Odin playing with Stella

     To make things even better he pottied on the grass AND pooped in the appropriate pooping area! Yippee!! Potty training is off to a great start! After an afternoon of peeing (puppies release a  ridiculous amount of pee!), playing, and few corrections he was ready for a loooooong nap.

I've gotta say, he is one rambunctious a good way. 

   After ze nap we took a family walk, and little Odin did pretty well for his first walk. During dinner we found out that he's not food possessive (whew~),  waited 3 hours for him to poop (1.5 of that was nap time), and I was able to sleep a little after 1am. Boy, was that a long day!
__ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ __ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ __-____ __-_ _- _
 Incase we haven't met this is our pit mix Stella. She is 3 years old and incredibly sweet.

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